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Rabie Khabouze rabie at rabie.net
Sat Feb 25 13:44:59 CST 2012

Hi folks,

I wanted just share my experience with Linux/Unix.

I do use gnome 3 with fedora 16 at work and home, it was a hard transition but got used to it. it is wonderful to use... some of the features that gnome 2 had you can either create a short cut or run them from a command line, especially GUI based configurations.

I m running Ubuntu Studio on a Zotac machine with XBMC hooked up to a tv ( I use this box just for Multimedia stuff ) 

I had another remote box at UTSA running Mandriva with KDE 4, I used most of the time nomachine to access it, which I recommend for folks who access Linux machines with X forwarding

I have 1 Centos 6 at home running Webserver and DB  for web dvpt purposes.

1 Centos 5.7 running Elastix (Asterisk + FreePBX )

VMs ( Fedora 16, Debian, OpenSuse, FreeBSD, Google Chrome, Ubuntu Mint ) for m2m dev purposes.

Worked in the past with Sun Solaris, OpenSuse Enterprise, IBM Aix and SGI for Simulation.

I liked FeeBSD the most for its stability.. 

Centos as server for Web and DB

Fedora 16 + gnome 3 for it's GUI and Software packaging.

Ubuntu for Multimedia


Rabie K

On Feb 25, 2012, at 1:10 PM, Michael Endsley wrote:

> I've used Linux Mint since before Ubuntu 10.04 came out, and have kept up
> with their work on MGSE/Cinnamon(?), even though I'm primarily on Arch now.
> I praise their efforts to keep with the community's desires in this regard.
> I do home Gnome 3/Unity improve, though, and become viable/likeable
> environments for most people.
> On Feb 25, 2012 8:28 AM, "Brinkley Harrell" <jbharrell at fusemeister.com>
> wrote:
>> I think you mean Linux Mint "Cinnamon" instead of Cinderella. All I can
>> find for Cinderella is a geometry package for Linux. Cinnamon is
>> http://cinnamon.linuxmint.com.
>> Cheers,
>> On 2/25/12 6:18 AM, Christopher Lemire wrote:
>>> On Sat, Feb 25, 2012 at 12:29 AM, Michael Endsley<
>>> michael.endsley at collegeplus.**org <michael.endsley at collegeplus.org>>
>>> wrote:
>>> I can't bring myself to try and beat Gnome 3 into submission -- not that
>>>> I
>>>> really used Fedora much anyways, and I don't like Ubuntu's Unity much
>>>> either. I can work with it, though, once I am familiar with all the
>>>> shortcuts and employ my trusty Launchy. At work I primarily touch RHEL&
>>>> Debian/Ubuntu, but all of this via SSH. I used CentOS to locally
>>>> replicate
>>>> some RHEL configurations for testing. My personal laptop has Arch Linux
>>>> w/KDE running on it.
>>>> --
>>>>  Then use Cinderella, a fork of Gnome. It's whats used in Linux Mint by
>>> default, but it can be installed in other distros.
>>> To be honest, the first time or two I used Gnome 3. I hated it. I even
>>> switched over to XFCE for a little while then fluxbox. They are OK, but
>>> lacking too much for my taste. I decided to give Gnome 3 another try with
>>> a
>>> newer version also, and I'm using it and liking it. I think Gnome 3
>>> continues to improve just like KDE4 was a disaster at while still in early
>>> development but improved greatly.
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