[SATLUG] A few more privacy questions

cdv7 at sbcglobal.net cdv7 at sbcglobal.net
Tue Feb 28 18:41:26 CST 2012

Thank you for the helpful responses to my last e-mail. Just a few more 

Important : Please offer some simple how-to instructions for encrypting 
with GnuPG. Question: If an encrypted message is sent to a non-Linux 
user will they have trouble opening it?

I had a G-Mail account which I deleted (removing my web history first) 
but it is still attached to my Thunderbird account under All Folders in 
the bar to the left.
Question: How do I remove the attached G-Mail account?

I tried this plugin the Electronic Frontier Foundation recommended but 
sadly, I received a download error message.

EFF also recommended using web proxies and anonymizing software.
Tor seemed to offer the highest level of security but you have to change 
the way you do things in order for it to work the way they intend. 
Anonymizer is easier to use but less effective and not free also, 
Privoxy by itself (not bundled with Tor). Perhaps the best choice? 
Opinions please.

In closing, can anyone recommend a good open source search engine? I 
checked online and noticed that Lucene seemed to be favored but I am 
looking for one that is much more user-friendly.

Thank you.
~cdv - new user

I also have never participated in Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Linked IN .

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