[SATLUG] Wireless Network Security/Cracking

Rusel M reokie at live.com
Fri Jan 13 14:45:37 CST 2012

Im not sure about servers. but on my home machines I always have a separate /home partition and that's it. I know with servers you have to be more "modular" with your partitions though. 
This is the basic outline for the presentation that I will give next meeting:
1.Basic concepts of wireless networking (beacon frames, signal strength, packet types) 2.Password encryption methods (WEP, WPA/2)2.Cracking WEP WPA/23. Man in the middle attacks4. Encryption workarounds 5. Intercepting packets/data6. Client attacks 7. WPS (in theory, I dont have a router that can use that yet )
I may have to shorten it due to time constraints. Is there anything anyone wants to add to it?  		 	   		  

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