[SATLUG] gvtc ssl connections

Greg Swift gregswift at gmail.com
Sun Jan 15 15:27:03 CST 2012

On Sun, Jan 15, 2012 at 08:06, Nathan Oxhandler <nathan at gvtc.com> wrote:

> Please be aware that GVTC does no do it's own internet, they contracted it
> out.  They are on the second company to run it for them.  The current one
> is: synacor.com  They also do the 'Technical Support'.
> I have had several problems with them over the last 12 months, and they DO
> NOT CARE.  If any of you are GVTC members, we may have to take the problem
> up with the Board at the next annual meeting.  Talking to people at the
> GVTC Headquarters on 3159 does no good.
> If you use Linux they blame it on that.  If you do not use IE they blame
> it on that.  Their problem is I have a Windows 7 machine with IE and all
> updates right next to my Linux machine and it has the same problems.
> If you go to the mygvtc.com 'home page', "Log In', anyone can sign up for
> a GVTC e-mail address even though we are supposed to be a COOP where you
> have to become a paid member and pay a monthly fee for your internet to get
> an e-mail account.
As a current member and former employee I'm going to agree that as a member
on of the most important things people forget is that you have a valid
voice.  You vote on the board, and have a right to speak up.  Plus GVTC
employees are there to take care of you.  That being said, you are better
off being properly informed before you go give them a piece of your mind at
the meeting as inaccurate facts will hurt your credibility in the
discussion.  But if you can bring a good discussion to the table at the
meeting I strongly encourage it.  And if you don't like your response, use
your power to vote (and even run for the board).

GVTC owns its own internet, I know because I built most of it.  The 24x7
technical support staff has always been outsourced. I quit when they
decided to outsource their email services.  They have been through two
e-mail providers since I left, I believe.  I'm pretty sure that their
outsource technical support is still ISPN, which is not synacor.com (I
guess that is just their e-mail/hosting provider now).

The employees at GVTC do care about your service (and the support staff I
worked with at ISPN back in the day was pretty good... but things to change
over time and I can't speak to that now).  I worked in the trenches with
them for the better part of a decade providing service above and beyond
what you will get from TWC or AT&T (having been a customer of all 3).  And
while its been a few years since I quit, most of the people I worked with
are still there.  They are competent and care about doing a good job,
however they do tend to be over worked (I worked 10+h days regularly for
years.)  Customers are going to be unhappy, and sadly, the squeaky wheel
usually gets the most grease.

That being said, I believe they are currently looking for several positions
in the network and system areas as is evident from their open job postings (
http://gvtc.com/careers/).  So one of the best ways to address your
concerns would be to fix them yourself by applying for one of the positions
;) (seems like something Linux people should be used to).

As far as anyone being able to sign up for GVTC e-mail, did you click the
"Register" link?  It takes you to http://www.gvtc.com/contactus/index.php,
a Contact page, not an open registration page.

As a Linux user I can sympathize with the irritation of technical support
staff not grasping that kind of scenario, but you as a Linux user should
also know that that is a cold fact of reality (heck, HP's enterprise
support services has the same problem, and they sell you lInux!).  If you
have a Windows 7 box w/ IE handy to do the troubleshooting, then do it
there and hold them to it, but don't expect something that doesn't exist
(proper support from anyone but a linux company for a linux system).


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