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buddylee48 buddylee48 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 18 11:35:47 CST 2012

For those of you looking for a job and willing to move to Ohio, or know
someone in Ohio looking for a job see the forwarded message below.  This
position is a cross between a data-visualization enabler and a system
administrator of a visualization wall (or similar viz tools). So, the
person can originate from a system admin level, or from a data
visualization researcher, but he/she should have a mix to move this
interesting field forward.

To give you an idea of what the Visualization center is, it is very similar
to UTSA's visualization laboratory. It is a linux-based high performance
visualization cluster (using a plethora of visualization toolkits), that
can also double as a computational cluster. I have been in touch with them,
helping them from time to time on the side, while also managing UTSA's
visualization cluster.

Also, UTSA will be seeking someone in very near future for a full time
system administrator (System Analyst I) for our Visualization Lab, since I
will be graduating in a year or so. I will post that position to the list
when available. (http://vizlab.utsa.edu/ - new website coming soon too..).

Cody Lee

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From: Hadrian Djohari <hxd58 at case.edu>
Date: Wed, Jan 18, 2012 at 10:05 AM
Subject: Job opening at Case Western Reserve University
To: buddylee48 <buddylee48 at gmail.com>

Dear Cody,

Can you please forward the following position at Case Western Reserve
University to people who might be interested in the position?

Interested parties for the position of Solutions Architect for Data
Visualization should be directed to this site to apply …
They should then click on “Career Opportunities”.

They will need to follow the instructions on that page.  There are two
documents that they will have access to and will be helpful if there are
questions.  They are “Apply for Jobs” and “Registering as an Applicant”.
If interested they will need to apply for Job #2421, Solutions Architect
for Data Visualization.  The job is on the list.  They may need to scroll
down the list of open positions.

The Solutions Architect in Data Visualization is the lead technical
position in support of the emerging service offerings in the area of data
visualization. The incumbent has overall responsibility for establishing
and sustaining a program in support of research and academic use of a new
64 square foot, 84-megapixel visualization wall installed in the Kelvin
Smith Library. The incumbent will work with world-class researchers in
carrying out duties including, but not limited to: (i) creating data
visualizations for faculty at a top research university; (ii) creating
documentation and other materials to guide researchers in the creation of
their own visualizations; (iii) conducting and arranging workshops and
other opportunities to permit researchers to acquire and hone skills in
visualization; (iv) interacting with vendor partners in investigating
solutions in the general area of visualization; and (v) staying current
with emerging technologies that may be leveraged to support data
visualization at the university. The Solutions Architect in Data
Visualization is a key position in establishing state-of-the-art data
visualization services in support of the research and academic missions of
the university and in being an evangelist for use of this emerging
technology at the university. As appropriate, the Solutions Architect in
Data Visualization will engage with research groups on campus in
identifying visualization solutions for their specific needs, manage
research computing projects utilizing visualization, and participate in
local, regional and national meetings.

Thank you,

Hadrian Djohari
HPCC Manager
Case Western Reserve University
(W): 216-368-0395
(M): 216-798-7490

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