[SATLUG] kvm networking

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Mon Jan 23 19:58:44 CST 2012

Greg Swift wrote:
> http://www.linux-kvm.org/page/Networking
> The section 'private network bridge' should get you started, and then you
> would just ensure that the local br0 interface has an IP on that subnet.
> I've not done this exact method before, because in all my environments I
> need the private network to span multiple virtual hosts.  But its the same
> basic concept, just without an attachment to a real interface on the
> virtual host.

Thanks Greg.  I've been looking at that page, but trying to interpret it 
is a little tough.   I just found out that I didn't have bridging 
installed in my kernel.  I also needed to install bridge-utils-1.5.

The biggest problem with the www.linux-kvm.org docs is that they assume 
that you are using RedHat or Debian.  I'm trying to get down to the 
program level instead relying on scripts that make assumptions that 
don't match my system.

I also found http://compsoc.dur.ac.uk/~djw/qemu.html, but it seems to 
rely on Debian.

Continuing to research...

   -- Bruce

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