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Tue Jan 31 12:18:59 CST 2012

The program is not on the list at the WINE site, I checked that before I did my post.  I am just trying to find people that have had luck in making programs they work with work in WINE.

This will be the only Windows program I want to run under Linux, so compatibility with other programs running under WINE at the same time is not a problem.


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Does it not work on Wine or are you doing due dilligence?

I have noticed marked improvement in wine compatibility and
feature set over the last 3 years.  It has both XP, Vista
and Windows 7 compatibility modes now.

Furthermore if you do NOT want to do VM Windows 7,
you can purchase the commercial version of Wine for
Linux from the codeweavers web site.

It has a nice feature: bottles.

Instead of installing all your Windows software in .wine
the commercial version "crossover" manages bottles of wine
so that one installation does not conflict with any other
Windows application software.

They also have an extensive list of tested/supported games
and non-game software and list on their website compatibility
under wine and crossover.  So, it not just for Office anymore.

For any new bottle you create, they give you 15 days to use it
try it out test it -- without having to pay for a licence.  If you
register after that your bottles are good to go -- no need to
re-install everything.

Probably worth your time.  Very easy to test.  And maybe
your money also.

Othniel Graichen

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