[SATLUG] July 12th, Thursday Meeting

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Thu Jul 5 14:50:28 CDT 2012

On Jul 5, 2012, at 11:02 AM, Wes Henderson wrote:

> Sounds good. I will see what I can get together.
> On a side note: Yesterday I officially started a Youtube channel to show
> various computer tutorials. My goals are as follows:
>     * Make informative, concise computer tutorials (under 4 minutes)
>     * Make the videos clean and professional so that they are easy to
> duplicate
>     * Create a large library of videos that will add value to groups that
> I am involved with as well as businesses that I contract with
>     * Upload at least one video a day, hopefully 2

Creating the raw video file is actually the easy part.  The hard part is editing the video, adding subtitles, transitions, etc... as you would expect from this type of training video.

A written entry in your blog on a daily basis is tough enough.  This is a lot more work.  I'd initially shoot for something more sustainable, like a video per week, get good at the process that makes you happy, and see where you can go from there.

Doing daily video production work is a serious full-time job -- just ask the pros who work at your local TV station for the daily newscasts, not to mention the guys who work on daily cable TV shows or daily shows on the networks.  You're not talking about doing a half-hour or hour of content, but it's still a serious commitment to maintain over the long haul.

>     * Videos will cover both Linux and Windows (maybe eventually MAC)

I would request that you show the same respect for proper spelling and capitalization with regards to the Apple products as you do for others.

> At the moment there is only 1 video (from yesterday) but I will be adding
> quite a few relatively quick. Also, narration will be done either by myself
> or my wife (I think she has a better voice for this work). Please check out
> the video and let me know what videos you would like to see in the future;
> or if there are suggestions for improvement. Thanks.

Female voices are usually considered to be more easily understood by a wider audience, but there's a lot of factors involved.  A good narrator is better than a mediocre one, regardless of gender.

> http://www.youtube.com/user/GeekyLiving
> <view-source:http://www.youtube.com/user/GeekyLiving>

I'll take a look.

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