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On Jul 5, 2012, at 1:49 PM, Wes Henderson wrote:

> Additionally, how do you feel about transitions? I am indeed editing my
> videos to trim the fat (I removed 42 seconds of the boot process for DBAN),
> but I did not actually add any transition. In this case I think it was fine
> because it seemed seamless/unedited. But this may not always be possible.

Any time you speed things up artificially, or chop out some content, I would recommend using an obvious transition to indicate to the audience that time has passed, or is passing more quickly.  You could do a slide from right to left (bringing in the new content from the right), or you could do a page turn, or any number of other techniques.  However, I'd recommend keeping it simple and clean -- if you want to do a page turn but can't make it look good, then do something simpler that you can make look good.

As Don said, focus on quality over quantity.

Hopefully, your screencast output will be recorded in a format that you can edit with a good quality video editing program.  I would use iMovie myself, but there are plenty of other good choices out there, depending on your platform and what level of features you're looking for.  But don't go overboard on the effects -- simple and clean is much better than doing something flashy with lots of effects that will make you look back in regret in a few months.

Also remember that whatever voice over you do "live" can always be replaced in post, assuming the software you are demonstrating doesn't also have sound effects that get recorded into the same audio channel.  So, you could record the screencast video by itself, based on a certain script for the actions you want to demonstrate.  Then you could edit that video to remove any unnecessary material that makes things drag on too long, and then finally go back and record a separate audio track while the video is playing and then use the editing suite to lay the audio track over the video track, with whatever additional tweaks you need to make the transitions look good, keep the audio and video in sync, etc....

If the software does produce it's own audio output that you also want to capture, then I would make sure to turn off the microphone, so that all voice-over is done in post and then merged in your video editor suite.  The suite should be able to keep the recorded video and audio channels in sync as you do your editing tasks, and then you can add your voice-over as completely separate tracks.

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