[SATLUG] Flash drive formated to ext4

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Fri Jul 6 22:41:23 CDT 2012

Chris Lee wrote:
> What's the best file system to use on a Flash drive to beat the 4 gig
> limit.
> Can the permissions on an ext4 formated flash drive be set to be read
> and written by any user on any system?
> We've started watching 720p and 1080p files on our WDtvLive and hit the
> 4 gig limit of fat32.
> While I'm asking.  I seem to have a physic block where SAMBA is concerned.
> I've sat down with a book several times and have failed to get the
> systems to dance.
> Would you's guys point me at a helpful site.

I'd probably use ext2.  A flash drive doesn't get updated a lot and the 
journal for ext3/ext4 is only needed to ensure data is written to it's 
final location in case of a power failure.

When mounting, I'd also use -o noatime for better speed.

   -- Bruce

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