[SATLUG] July Meeting - Thursday, the 12th

Craig sargonemail at gmail.com
Sun Jul 8 18:56:04 CDT 2012

The inital topics weren't ready to go to the list :(


> On 7/8/12, Craig <sargonemail at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> On Sun Jul 8 10:22:43 CDT 2012 Howard Haradon wrote:
>>> Bruce and Craig,  thanks for the reply.  Now what does this
>>> mean for the simple home desktop user?  Can one of you
>>> walk us thu this at the July 12 meeting?
>>> --
>>> Howard
>> Ok, initial thoughts were a "cache coherency issue",
>> but ok, gotta go with the cache flow.
>> Yeah, I know, SATLUG is a non-profit. :)
>> Before I put attached text into presentation format;
>> it'd be helpful to have a second set of eyes to review the
>> attached text file information before deciding to do a presentation
>> Thursday
>> (and subsequent presentation slides)
>> Ideally, after I decide to do the presentation; I'd like to have a small
>> audience to test the slide presentation before July 12, 2012.
>> Swap passed back to you. :)
>> Wow (8k)/half a swap page of info on ram disks. :)
>> Attached file info comments:
>> Would screen shots be helpful?
>> Is this to technical for SATLUG?
>> Should some of the techie terms be defined?
>> Thanks,
>> Craig
>> FYI:
>> ?? to techie?:
>>     --pipe to/from ram disk should in theory allow for more storage
>> than the standard page size!
>>      Useful for &| command line version of awk's net redirect
>> (netcat/socat and related stuff)
>>     --fast debugging of multiple tee commands
>>> Now what does this mean for the simple home desktop user?
>> Desktop is dead,
>> long live the short life of tablet/pad replacements,
>> all hail the mix/match wearable augmented computing scene.

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