[SATLUG] The *easiest* video streaming

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Wed Jul 25 20:47:56 CDT 2012

Don Davis wrote:
> I must admit that my email was so vague as to be almost useless.
> I really just wanted a way for my GF to be able to watch films when I
> wasn't around.
> The restrictive firewall was a remnant of when I had a friend living
> with me who was running windows. I had locked down most LAN traffic
> unless specifically allowed. Port 8080 the default VLC streaming port
> was included.
> A few questions about your desire to stream (your 100% DRM free it's all
> legal) material:
> 1.) Stream or share?
> If share, setting up ftp (or even NFS) would be a good bet.  As far as
> streaming, your ISP probably limits your up bandwidth substantially -
> making streaming less enjoyable for viewers.
> What port were you streaming out of?
> Is that port commonly blocked - port 80? port 8080? Try picking a random
> high number port 9934 etc and making sure your router routes the wan
> traffic to that port to your home computer.
> What sources outside of your network can you not connect to?

I wasn't clear either.  I don't want to stream out, but get streams in 
to work.  I was thinking that there is some kind of port negotiation 
like FTP going on.  I can get some flash within my browser to work with 
gnash, but several (many) places seem to insist on Adobe.  For example, CNN.

If I run vlc, files and devices (e.g. DVDs) work fine.  If I go to 
Media->Open Network Stream, it asks for a network url, but nothing I do 
seems to work.

I also note that for me the Network Stream dialog does not take a paste 
from outside the application, but does from inside.  Curious.

   -- Bruce

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