[SATLUG] SATLUG Meeting - 7:00PM, Wednesday, June 13

Don Wright satlug at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jun 6 23:45:07 CDT 2012

Howard Haradon wrote:
>Hi,  We are still seeking a topic or topics for our meeting.
>Anyone like the idea of an install-fest?

Could someone present an update on how well local ISP's are dealing with the
IPv6 rollout - since that's been in the news this month? 

My recent experience with "the new at&t" is they are pushing their old hardware
to their clueless new installs and expecting them to purchase (ka-ching!)
IPv6-compliant devices when the need arises.

Reports say FrankenBell is also "upgrading" folks to U-Verse DSL (mandatory) and
dumping them in 10.x.x.x private space, so say bye-bye to real Internet, hello
to AOL-at-premium-prices. Of course they're not the only telco killing cheap DSL
as fast as they can, which just happens to freeze out resellers like DSL Extreme
as well.

It might be a short segment, but who has something positive to say about an
Internet access provider? I'll mention the new generation of satellite Internet,
www.exede.com, seems to work really well with IP video services like Skype. Too
bad it's more data-capped than even Clear.

Which reminds me, didja hear how Redmond is boosting the performance of Skype?
They're installing Linux servers to act as supernodes!

Ah, well. Maybe I'll even get to the meeting this month.  --Don

Be well - or at least have interesting symptoms!

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