[SATLUG] Old Computers for Charity

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Fri Jun 8 16:49:17 CDT 2012

Hi Art, I am running way behind. Man dealing with this getting old stuff sho ain't a road fer sissies. Anyway I so far have collected 3 IDE drives 3.2g, 10g, & 80g. I still have one storage shed to get into but need to remove the deadwood from the tree offed in the drought from the roof first. Help is due by Mon so I will get that unpacked I think inside is ok (not wet) I remember packing several x.xg & 2 or more 20g drives I also remember that I had one 20 with bad sector but may be fine to use in low security environment. 

I will format all the drives to ext-3 fs & leave the testing up to you but I should have 8-10 IDE ranging from 2.x to 80gb ready to ship by week-end. This should relieve your shortfall for now. I have a church group up here that I think would respond with salvaging HDs from the closet boxes so if you wish Art I think I can set up a collecting point & arrange to have parts dropped off from point to point. Maybe we should chat a bit off list I dunno how much work you want do & my health is ...  well bout what you would expect from 82 orbits, but I will do what I can for what I believe to be a good work.

Anyway you can expect 8-10 HDs in a week if things go well. I will EM ya when I walk them up to the road box (if I can get the USPS on line pay sys to work I am not sure that I can leave a check. All fail then I will mail it next Doc-appt on the 28th latest. I also have the install .ISOs burned for ya.

Ya can visual an old grizzly soldier, chest-ID =Herb Cee with old sway-back U S Army Mule Nose tag=Henrietta looking straight out with a mini-tower box sticking out of the saddlebags few wires cables all snarled up with shipping tag to USA http://www.missionarygeek.org/parts, both critters have wrinkled foreheads, very confused expressions. Thanks Art for being the catalyst. I like being usefull I ain't all used up yet.

hh    <-some say stands for happy herb, lock & load Sarge! LOL
On Friday, May 25, 2012 11:28, "Arthur Hall" <art.hall at sbcglobal.net> said:

> Yes, I'm checking e-mails.  Yes, I'm one of the SATLUGgers who recycles older
> machines for refugee families and other needy organizations.  Yes, We're
> visiting with family in Florida, but we will be back on Wednesday.  And yes,
> I'm currently short of hard drives of reasonable size, monitors, and space to put
> them all in.  Thanks to Herb for filling you all in and to Keith, whose firm
> donated 11 PCs and six or seven monitors.  As always, many thanks to SATLUG
> members for your help and generosity.
> Art Hall
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> Right Art is on vac right now but he may do email, dunno. I do know that his
> current need is for monitors & hard drives even old small 10-40gb drives are good
> for him since he installs Linux.
> hh

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