[SATLUG] Problems starting X

mark mark at kandm-solutions.com
Wed Mar 14 01:51:36 CDT 2012

Have you looked through the Xorg.*.log files for hints?

Does SUSE run SELINUX? Maybe its a MAC issue, if SUSE uses some version
of MAC (SELINUX or APPARMOR) check its log. Selinux is
usually /var/log/audit/audit.log.

I don't know if Suse is still using xorg.conf. If not you might want to
try generating one and putting it in place. Do a Xorg -configure in
failsafe mode and copy the resulting file in /etc/X11 

On Wed, 2012-03-14 at 00:00 -0500, Alan Lesmerises wrote:
> On 3/13/2012 9:11 PM, Kevin Flanagan wrote:
> > Have you installed the nvidia drivers yet?  Fairly simple to do and might
> > solve your problem.
> >
> > Take a look at the below link and let us know how it goes.
> >
> > http://www.geforce.com/Drivers/Results/41581
> >
> > Bottom of the page for Suse users.
> >
> > Also note that SuSE users should read the SuSE NVIDIA Installer HOWTO before
> > downloading the driver.
> Not yet (see previous post).  I did see the How-To already, but I will 
> check the GeForce site out, though.  Thanks.
> Al Lesmerises

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