[SATLUG] Openwrt router -> bridge -> ipv6

Don Davis dondavis at reglue.org
Fri May 11 12:07:26 CDT 2012

Router 1 ---- Bridge Router ---- Desktop P

I have Router 1 (running OpenWRT Kamikaze) set up with a tunnel from HE.
Machines physically connected to it get ipv6 no problem. However,
Desktop P is connected via a wireless bridge (another WRT54GL with
Kamikaze) to Router 1.

Desktop P receives an appropriate ipv6 address; however, it cannot ping6
anything other than Bridge Router. IP6Tables is not installed on the
bridge router.

The bridge router can ping6 Desktop P and vice versa. They canno,
however, ping6 Router 1 (or any other ipv6 address).

My thoughts are -

If the bridge is mangling MAC addresses for the through traffic, the
router itself should still be able to ping6 something other than
machines on the lan side. ?

Could/ should/ how would I establish a 6-> 4 tunnel directly to the
second router?

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