[SATLUG] Can Ubuntu be used to control a router

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I 'm not certain for your particular router, but I just went through this and I'm using openDNS primarily to do my blocking. They provide 2 DNS entries to set in the router, and with an account you can filter categories and specific sites! You shouldn't have to but I also purchased a linksys WRT router with tomato firmware because the reviews were good, and my old belkin router wouldn't use specifice DNS. By the way, OpenDNS, all free! Nowadays with so many devices in the home accessing the internet I found filtering at the router level the way to go ( Now to verify the neighbors wifi are set as secure ).

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I have Motorola cable modem with built in router, model NVG510.  Is
there a Linux  program to control what websites go over the router?

I know how to do this with a /etc/hosts file, but that only works on a
per computer basis.  I would like to accomplish the same thing but at
the router level.  (Without going into graphic detail, I need to block
one, perhaps two questionable websites, but may need to add more later.)

Is this possible?  FWIW, I Googled "blocking websites with a router" and
get a bunch of websites on how to configure the router for "bridging",
"IP passthrough" and some others, but nothing that jumps out at me.


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