[SATLUG] What did I do wrong?

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sun Nov 4 23:21:46 CST 2012

Glenn Boswell wrote:
> I'm playing with Linux installs on an Delll E6410 (play notebook)
> and I first installed Centos 6.3 (/boot, / , swap) then I installed
> Fedora 17 ( / ,swap) and all ran well ... I could dual boot each even
> though Fedora 17 was using grub2. I did a bunch of repo adds and lot
> of yums to get things working with flash, mp3, avi.....or M$
> compatable stuff for Fedora 17.  I then installed Ubuntu 12-10 (/
> only ) and wow it is nice. I have /dev/sda1 - sda7 ... can dual boot
> Centos 6.3 and Ubuntu but no Fedora 17 ... (Fedora 17 is /dev/sda5
> and Ubuntu is /dev/sda7)  ... Any quick and dirty way to get all
> three triple booting or do I need to remove Ubuntu and reinstall with
> different options.... Fedora 17 has all the extras installed to work
> well with just about everything ( 1 - 2 hour yum and alternate repos
> work). Nothing is critical so i can redo from scratch but just trying
> to avoid or discover where i blew it.

I think I can help, but I need more info.  What are the file names in 
/boot and what is the content of /boot/grub/grub.cfg?  Ubuntu probably 
changed the grub.cfg file incorrectly.  You will just need to edit it 
and add about 3 lines.  Send me the info directly.

   -- Bruce

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