[SATLUG] What did I do wrong?

Don Wright satlug at wricomp.org
Mon Nov 5 10:05:21 CST 2012

Glenn Boswell wrote:
> can dual boot Centos 6.3 and Ubuntu but no Fedora 17 ... (Fedora 17 is
> /dev/sda5 and Ubuntu is /dev/sda7)  ... Any quick and dirty way to get all
> three triple booting or do I need to remove Ubuntu and reinstall

If it's the same bug as Debian, then running (from ubuntu)
 sudo update-grub
with an optional
 sudo grub-install  (in case ubuntu isn't the grub /boot provider)
should detect all of your OS partitions and create the proper stanzas for grub2.
You may need to be sure the / and /boot (if any) for the other OSes aren't
mounted when you do this. (Not likely in your case but some reports show that as
a problem, especially for Windows as the missing OS choice.)

Learning to do it manually is useful, of course, but so is learning the settings
in /etc/default/grub.  --Don

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