[SATLUG] October 10th Meeting

Nathan Oxhandler nathan at gvtc.com
Tue Oct 2 12:10:46 CDT 2012


I am not sure what OS the laptop has that is in the room at RackSpace.  Maybe Jon could lest us know.  If he does not, would it be a problem to save it in both and bring them on a USB stick?


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Nathan Oxhandler wrote:
> I have heard from the person on his 3D printing presentation. It
> looks like he has a conflict that has come up and needs to postpone
> until November. Does any one have a presentation that they would like
> to put on for October?

I've done it before, but I can give a presentation about the Linux boot 
process.  There are a lot of relatively new issues: grub2, initramfs, 
sysvinit vs systemd.  Depending on detail, an entire presentation could 
be made on each of these issues.

I would need to use someone else's computer, but put the presentation on 
satlug for access.  I can create the presentation in OO, but save in 
Powerpoint format if we don't have a Linux system available.

   -- Bruce

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