[SATLUG] Re: Wanting a later version of something in Debian: How to deal

Don Wright satlug at wricomp.org
Thu Oct 4 14:43:55 CDT 2012

Frank Huddleston wrote:

> It seems to be a cronic Debian problem: you run into a situation where the
>stable, conservative installation just won't allow something to be
>installed because it needs newer versions of software which might still be
>in testing or
>even unstable.
>I just wondered what people on this list think.

I've been running Debian Testing (rolling upgrade) on the set demoed at the PC
Show for years with no problems, and build most new desktops the same way. In
the last few years the only difficulties I've encountered came from trying to
use other-than-free drivers[1] to get better video performance. I generally keep
the stable, testing, and unstable package lists in /etc/apt/sources.list and use
/etc/apt/preferences to prefer testing. That way I can go to aptitude and select
a different version of a package if necessary.

I'd suggest, since guimup isn't available directly from Debian, that you
download the .deb from sourceforge and try installing it (as root) from the
command line. Then apt (or aptitude) should tell you how many additional
packages it needs, and you can decide if you are comfortable with that many
changes.  --Don

[1] as in "OTH discharge"

Be well - or at least have interesting symptoms!

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