[SATLUG] 67 TB for less than $8K

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Tue Oct 9 19:09:43 CDT 2012

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>> The difference is that I can afford to build one of these POD arrays myself and add 3T drives as needed.  The entire price for one without drives is about $2K and then increasing 3T at a time for $120 for each drive.
> That's another false economy.

Here's a question for you -- could you afford a Ferrari that cost just $2,000.00?  Could you afford to put the engine and transmission back in it?  Could you afford to fix it?  Could you afford to run it after you got everything fixed?  Could you afford the fuel and the insurance once you got it back to running condition?

Not everything is about the up-front purchase price.  There are lots of hidden costs here that you will want to fully explore.  If you choose not to fully explore those costs before you pull that trigger, you might very well be very happy for the first few days or weeks, but then quickly left with Buyer's Remorse.

I like the idea of Open Source Hardware as much as the next guy, but I also try to make sure that the particular implementation is actually suitable for the applications I have in mind, and I try to look at the TCO as opposed to the up-front purchase price.

It's your money.  It's your choice.

But I know what I would spend my money on for the applications I have in mind.

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