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Wed Sep 19 10:12:09 CDT 2012

Of course, for sure.. that is if you can manage the cert's ..more the
better... the Comp Tia cert is really good to have...
It's only going to help, can't hurt u..


On Sep 19, 2012 12:46 AM, "Austin Lowery" <loweryaustin at gmail.com> wrote:


I'm Austin from Austin. I just recently moved here and am excited to find
an active Linux group!
I'm not quite new to Linux but I'm not an expert yet either. I actually
started out on the CLI when I was very young (I'm 21 now) at my dad's
He gave me a book on DOS and required that I spend 20 minutes a day working
through it. I remember making it through navigating the file structure
and basic file manipulation but at that age, (I think I was in elementary
school) I just didn't understand why I would possibly want to spend time
commands at a black and grey screen when I could boot into windows and
pilot my F22 across the middle east, blowing crap stuff up in DID F22
Raptor.(Did anyone play that game? I wish I still had it!) So my DOS stint
was short, but I think it did pave the way for my interest in
Linux. My Dad was again the reason that I returned to the command line a
couple of years ago. He was using Linux Mint and needed help figuring it
so he asked me to learn about it and teach him. Ever since, I have been
using and learning linux on and off in my spare time just for fun. Aside
from Linux, my other semi-professional hobby is web development. I actually
just launched my first of many ideas and will be working to implement
some really awesome stuff later on. It won't be of much interest to anyone
outside of Austin but you're welcome to check it out anyway.
Its still missing almost all of its key functionality but I figured it
would be nice to get something up in the mean time. Other than the
Codeigniter base, the
site is my original work. I have built a few other sites for small
businesses as well. If the SATLUG site needs any volunteer work I'd be
happy to help!

Certification Question:
I have decided that I am going to make my way into the professional world
of Linux so I started studying for the RHCSA exam. As many of you probably
it's a nice chunk of change that you have to invest to take the exam, so I
am determined to ace it in one go. I bought a subscription to this course:
and will also get the *RHCSA/RHCE Red Hat Linux Certification Study
Guide*by Michael H. Jang and work through it.
Is that the secret sauce for success? I have a feeling I'll do great after
I work through this stuff but I just wanted to poll some Linux people for
advice, opinions, and recommendations.
Also, keeping my goal of becoming employable in mind, is it worth it to get
the other beginning certifications, (LPIC-1, Comptia Linux+, etc.) or
should I go ahead and focus on getting the RHCE after I finish my RHCSA?

Thanks for reading through all that. Looking forward to meeting y'all this
October and following the progress on the calendar program.

Austin Lowery
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