[SATLUG] Open Source Project

Christopher Lemire christopher.lemire at gmail.com
Thu Sep 27 05:48:02 CDT 2012

> Calendar:
> Does anyone know of an open source calendar data format?

Yes, CSV http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comma-separated_values
Google calendar also supports importing these. You can have a look at
what other formats it supports.

> Would people want a program that runs at power up or at a time of day that would go out to the web and look at data from several places and import that information to a 'pop up' on screen calendar.
Like all desktop applications in Linux, the user should be able to
configure whether it runs on startup. With some programs, when you go
to settings, it gives the option to start automatically, but most
Linux users would probably do it according to their DE/WM startup file
or maybe .xinitrc file. Instead of wasting resources by having
applications running in the background when not in use, the calendar
should "go out to the web and look at data" when the user starts it

> What form of printout would be wanted? Week, Multi-Week, Month, 6 Week, other?

The user should be able to switch between views just like you can with
Google Calendar. Also I think the ability sync with Google Calendar is
nice because that enables you to have your calendar synced on other
machines. Also you can view a Google calendar anywhere in the world if
you have internet (except China).

What language is this calendar planned to be written in? I'm fluent in
Java and C. If you want to use my gitorious repo
http://cloudslice.no-ip.org , let me know, and that can be done.

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