[SATLUG] Apache redirecting URLs with Gitorious installed

Jesse C jc78244 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 28 03:47:46 CDT 2012

Morning Chris.

The httpd.conf you are using redefines the default root directory to
/home/git/gitorious/public instead of /var/www/html.  To have
Gitorious not be the default page for your server, you may want to
consider creating a vhost record and then pasting the Gitorious
DocumentRoot line to the vhost.

/var/www/error/ is irrelevant and contains the default html pages for
various errors as designated in httpd.conf.

The vhost record cloudslice.no-ip.org defines the error log for this
hostname as /var/www/errorgit.log.  Is there anything useful in there?
Also, is there a .htaccess file in the user's public_html directory?

Jesse C

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