[SATLUG] Firefox grief

rabie at rabie.net rabie at rabie.net
Tue Apr 2 11:58:38 CDT 2013



I meant do not rename the whole folder, he might have to
reinstall some existing extensions in that folder if he does so.

Basically the profiles.ini in your example points to mwad0hks.default
profile folder, and this folder could contain corrupt files. 

renaming only profiles.ini will force Firefox to recreate a new
profiles.ini file and a new profile.default folder. 



On 2013-04-02 10:53, Bruce Dubbs wrote: 

> rabie at rabie.netwrote:

>> you don't have to delete the whole .mozilla folder just go to cd
~/.mozilla/firefox and rename profiles.ini to profiles.ini.bak and rerun
> I didn't say delete, I just suggested renaming it for a
test. Then it 
> could be renamed back and start drilling down. Your
suggestion is 
> basically a more detailed version. profiles.ini is
text. If that is 
> the issue, it would be interesting to see the
contents to see what was 
> causing the problem. Mine is:
> $ cat
> [General]
> StartWithLastProfile=1
> [Profile0]
> IsRelative=1
> Path=mwad0hks.default
> -- Bruce


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