[SATLUG] Can't Play a Netflix Blu-Ray Disc in VLC Media Player

Jeff Barnette jeffrey.barnette at comcast.net
Sat Apr 6 10:55:51 CDT 2013

I got a new Blu-Ray writer/player yesterday, put in one of my BD discs and tried to play it in VLC Media Player Got an error 
related to a missing AACS library and certificate set. I looked the error up online and got instructions for resolving it. No problem so far. 

I then put in a Netflix BD and tried to play that. VLC reported that I don't have the AACS key for that disc. I tried again with another Netflix BD and got the same error. Apparently, the KEYDB.cfg (key database) file I'm using is out of date. After repeated web searches, I was unable to find an updated one. I went online and found multiple Linux users having the same issue while trying to play BDs, but with no solution. 

One site made a statement that "BD+ is another Blu-ray protection scheme and VLC cannot play such discs." One of the VLC developers (Jean-Baptiste Kempf) said "The BD+ issue is not solvable yet. But for AACS, it should just work. " 

Does Netflix tend to use BD+ protection on their discs? Is anyone able to view Blu-Ray discs using VLC on Linux? 

For now, I've gotten around the problem by using WinDVD on my Win7 box, but this is obviously not ideal. 

Thanks for any help, 

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