[SATLUG] Unofficial SATLUG Minutes 20130410

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Thu Apr 11 12:19:38 CDT 2013

UnOfficial SATLUG Minutes
20130410 – April 10, 2013, By Keith Becvar
Here is what I wrote down as well as my own comments for last night's meeting. If you disagree or want something corrected, please e-mail and I will update. 
Also, here is the link to my Google shared SATLUG folder where these meeting minutes reside as well as notes on SATCAL. If you can't get access, let me know and I will e-mail directly.

Meeting Minutes:
Beginning open discussion on FreeNAS, RAID, and Active Directory.

Segway to Jon’s Presentation on Serial Relay Board and Python Server on Linux.
Thank you Jon. 
Another relay board can be found here. $28. (My mistake, the default is serial/usb. Other options for WiFly, BlueTooth and XBee.)
P.S. If anyone is interested in ordering things from this company, please let me know. I would like to purchase one of the relays but I have never purchased from a China based company.

Announcement for Python Meetup next Tuesday
Alamo City Python Group 
Python “Install Fest” and Introduction to Python

Also mentioned these other technology groups of interest.
Get started with SA OpenStackers! 

The San Antonio Web Development Group 

Someone (???) gave brief introduction Texas Linux Fest in Austin.

Continuing Discussion of SATCAL (SATLUG proposed open source calendar project).
1. Don was absent and has the list of taskers.
2. It was requested to repost link to ics calendar standard.
3. Reviewed likes and dislikes about a calendar and implementation
4. Decided that we will move forward if enough interest is expressed via posts on SATLUG mailing list. (Viability)

Anything else??? Oh yeah…. 

Taskers going forward….

Review the following links about Open Source Development:



Review the documents shared on Google:

Pick a Linux based calendar program and install, review, and identify “likes” and “dislikes”.

And lastly:
Post your findings on the mailing list.


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