[SATLUG] Unofficial SATLUG Minutes 20130410

Don Wright satlug at wricomp.org
Thu Apr 11 16:54:36 CDT 2013

K B wrote:
>UnOfficial SATLUG Minutes
>20130410 – April 10, 2013, By Keith Becvar

>Continuing Discussion of SATCAL (SATLUG proposed open source calendar project).
>1. Don was absent and has the list of taskers.

From the post to this list 15-Feb-2013. No further info available.

Some members volunteered for various areas of interest:
PHP - Othniel Graichen
SQL - Nathan Templeton
HTTP/Apache - Todd Bucy
iCalendar - Keith Becvar
User Interface - (pending)
User Documentation - (pending)
Project Manager - (pending)
Project Secretary - (vacant)
Archive Administrator - (pending)
Instigator - Nathan Oxhandler

The ones marked pending were not officially assigned at the (original)

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