[SATLUG] Useful Resources For Users of Linux

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Fri Apr 12 06:29:50 CDT 2013

Greetings Fellow Members, I apologize for the pretentious title and for being so verbose, it is just me.

I jumped off into ninety feet of water several years ago getting so POed and frustrated with MS Windows I could no longer tolerate it. I bought a package of Red-hat (V7 I think) and installed it. It proved extremely difficult for me and I found Satlug in my search for help. You guys were immense help and while I am still swimming in deep water I have a life vest on. I believe in pay-back.
I decided the first of this year that I was gonna solve the things that were bugging me on my own if I could. However, a couple of times recently I have run out of searching on a few and you guys came through with flying colors. 

I am till working on two that I have not given up yet and I have stumbled onto a few items that would have been of immense help to me had I known about them so I will be posting these discoveries to the list in the hope that it will be of help to those 'newbies' (like myself) that have not learned of them yet. If I post anything that is not of true value I hope that those more learned than I will point it out since I do not wish to go down a bad road and surely do not wish to lead others there.

I found another item that I think is a great resource and so here it is with my reason to find it of value.

I am using Mint 13 & 14. 13 is the Long term support release (LTS), supported until April 2017. It is the distro that I will use daily until technical progress makes it obsolete to my needs. I decided to install a webcam in order to use Skype and several surveillance cams for protection. Neither worked on either Mint versions so I have been searching. The webcam seemed to be the most common use so I concentrated on it first and this resource solved both issues since all of the packages to display the devices could not find the devices.

The error said there was no file /dev/video0 found. I created a file in a text editor and put it there but of course it did no good, it was ignored. It needs to be a block device file not a text file, I was ignorant of this.
The knowledge was acquired here:

The resource is here: http://www.lanana.org/docs/device-list/devices-2.6+.txt 

I hope this helps someone and I will post these as I find them. It does pose a separate question that does not lend itself to Google help.

Should we leave this as an open thread with a useful subject title? What about creating a wiki so that anyone can post a gem they discover?

Thanks to all

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