[SATLUG] Systems Admin Position

Samuel Smith satlug at net153.net
Sat Apr 20 12:12:51 CDT 2013

Hello again folks. In addition to the linux admin position I posted 
awhile back I found out that we have been looking for a sys admin for 
over a year now. Not sure why we can't find someone. The main job would 
be to assist in offloading tasks from the current SA so he can get back 
into more architect style work. He will probably be the one conducting 
the interview and he is looking for someone with several years of RHEL 
administration and good skills at scripting and automating tasks.

The job link is below. Either apply to that or contact me (or do both!) 
and I will give you the email of our IT director so you can directly 
forward your resume.


I look forward to meeting who ever applies.

Samuel Smith

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