[SATLUG] Looking for old hardware

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Hello SATLUG, Does anybody have one of those old pcmcia cards lying around
collecting dust? I have a Dell Latitude, Pentium 3 1ghz, 512mb ram old
laptop running Gentoo, but no wireless on it. The old laptop uses pcmcia.
If you have one, please consider donating it to the Linux cause instead of
throwing it away.


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i have a pcmcia card with an atheros chipset (wireless b/g) i used in my toshiba portege with, you guessed it, gentoo running on it (just dumped the portege for a asus zenbook ux31, stuff compiles so much faster.  it is in my pile of things to go if you still want one (pretty sure i also have a pcmcia standard ethernet card if you need one of those also).

Also hi-jacking the thread (still about parts) who on the list builds computers for families who need them.  I have a pile (2 dells and 1 other computer without harddrives) and 2 ctr monitors that need to go and some other MISC stuff.  i dont like giving them to good qwill because they over charge people who really need machines.  Anyway i know someone does, e-mail me and they are yours.



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