[SATLUG] Re: Aug 14 Meeting

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Mon Aug 5 12:36:50 CDT 2013

Frank Huddleston wrote:
> Well, it seems that the topic has been selected for August, so  I'll
> just select from the list presented by Bruce earlier, and give my
> preferences: late for this month but maybe good for another month. I
> think the GRUB presentation was done about six months ago.

It was.

> I'm interested in:
> 1.  Linux From Scratch.  How we do things and why.
> 2.  Intro to network security.  Technical background.
> 3.  Firewalls with iptables and nmap.
> 4.  Monitoring network traffic with wireshark.
> 5.  Encryption with GnuPg, stunnel, https, and ssh.
> (Somewhat) 6.  An overview of window managers and environments: Xorg, twm,
>       fluxbox, IceWM, openbox, sawfish.
> 8.  Multimedia: alsa, pulseaudio, vorbis, ogg, formats and libraries
> (Somewhat) 9.  Video: Mplayer, VLC, FFmpeg
> I guess that's just about everything on the original list! And it
> can't hurt to review GRUB again...

#2 is really a prereq for #3 and #4.  For some topics I'll have to 
prepare more than others, but that's OK.  I'd like to get more opinions 
before we fix the topic.

   -- Bruce

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