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Rabie Khabouze rabie at rabie.net
Tue Aug 6 06:37:12 CDT 2013


Im running lenaro ubuntu on my tablet ( google pengpod), I wished the device has more memory (right now 1gb) but it works well for me.
It can run all UI software, shell scripting etc.

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It might Linux/Unix is powerful OS, as long as I can use it from an instructors-point and the students Tablets need to be seeing the same thing on their ipad .    So, you think you can use Linux from scratch as a solution or leaving apple totally and using what Tablets?
Craig, are or you suggesting that we wipe out the ipad os and place Linux on it; it is running a form of Linux out of the box.
I can go buy some ipad's that are used, and try it furthermore this would be a great project for SATLUG.
Thank you, Craig,
Don Jones   

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-- Would "scratch for linux from scratch" be to confusing?

Jones n5wsw at yahoo.com wrote:
... used to project lessons on each students ipad ...
Is the solution to do a updated version of the overhead projector OR
allow the students to interact/provide input to the instructor screen
being "broadcast"?

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