[SATLUG] Re: Aug 14 Meeting

Craig sargonemail at gmail.com
Tue Aug 6 07:02:40 CDT 2013

Don Jones n5wsw at yahoo.com on  Mon Aug 5 22:38:54 CDT 2013 wrote:
> It might Linux/Unix is powerful OS, as long as I can use it from an
> instructors-point and the students Tablets need to be seeing the same thing
> on their ipad .    So, you think you can use Linux from scratch as a solution or
> leaving apple totally and using what Tablets?
> Craig, are or you suggesting that we wipe out the ipad os and place Linux on it;
> it is running a form of Linux out of the box.
No, there are available solutions (pay/free) for which ever OS is being used.
The gotcha would be making sure the solution supports hand-held / table
screen sizes.

As a side note:
A different approach to the "view the slides", could be something that allowed
the speaker to "poll/quiz" the whole audience at appropriate points in
a talk in
order to both gage how the talk was going && to make adjustments to maximize
audience understanding.
The above might be a bit advanced for standard school instruction, but it
does allow for continuous/almost instant feedback from all of the students vs.
traditional raise hand and/or planned quizzes.  A bit less intimidating, too!


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