[SATLUG] Problems mounting LUKS encrypted USB drive on Ubuntu

Jon Hull masterr at gmail.com
Sat Aug 10 02:16:10 CDT 2013

Hey guys,

I've run into a slight issue mounting a drive. I have run out of
troubleshooting ideas and my Google-foo is lacking today.

I'm trying to mount a USB drive that is LUKS encrypted on Ubuntu 12.10
64-bit. Whenever I try to decrypt the drive with "cryptsetup luksOpen
<device> <mapper_name>" I get an error about no key with this
passphrase. I know I am entering the correct passphrase.

The drive was originally encrypted and formatted on CentOS 6.4 64-bit.
It is 4TB with GPT partitioning. I have verified that the OS can see
the partition and knows it's LUKS encrypted using luksDump. The main
HDD of this system is also LUKS encrypted so I know LUKS is at least
working in some fashion. When the drive was originally set up I used
"cryptsetup luksFormat <device>" without any extra arguments.

Loading additional modules with modprobe such as sha512, aes,
dm_crypt, etc doesn't seem to help.

Unfortunately I don't currently have access to the system that the
drive was originally encrypted on to do troubleshooting with it.

The only idea I have left is that CentOS created it with a cipher that
this version of Ubuntu can't understand. Sadly I don't have the option
of upgrading this system at the moment, but I can try that in a few
days. Just trying to see if I can figure out something else in the
mean time.

Anyone run into this or have any other ideas?


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