[SATLUG] Requesting recommendations for phone and DSL service

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For phone I use Magic Jack plus, and plug in via ethernet. We use it, but our cell phones get the most usage. It's economical, and we ported our landline number to it. Had it about a year (actually have 2 MJ, one for biz, though cell gets used mostly).
ATT sells a cell solution similar to straight talk as well.

Good Luck. Have not found cheaper internet than $46 for 3+ speeds.

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Greetings ,

Could someone please recommend a reliable but very basic budget- priced
residential phone service? (Few to no features are fine but porting my
old number to the new service is important.) I will probably be using a
corded land line. Straight Talk has been recommended because it does not
require an Internet connection, it relies on cell towers. Cost: $16.79 a
month ($15.00 plus taxbut no fees.)

Also, if I go this route I will need a stand alone DSL. Currently, I
have both phone and Internet with AT&T.

AT&T has several categories of DSL :

Promotional Price Regular Price after 6 Months

768 K                                                    $ 19.95
          $ 33.00

1.5 MG $ 24. 95                              $ 41.00

3.0                                                        $ 29.95
               $ 46.00

6.0                                                        $ 34.95
               $ 95.51

I currently have the 3.0 speed. This speed is sufficient for most things
except the occasional lecture or instructional video.

The promotions on my bill recently expired. The cost went up
significantly. it is now :

Phone   $ 47. 40

Internet $ 39. 37

Total       $ 86. 77         Prices include taxes and fees.

I have also heard that VOIPo service is good with the cost comparable to
Straight Talk but unlike Straight Talk the customer service is based in
the U.S. However, as the name implies it does require an Internet
connection. I asked VOIPo a question:

Q. What is the optimal band width and speed required for VOIPo to
function at its best?

A. We recommend running at least 256Kbps down/up to utilize VoIP
services reliably.

Here are the websites for these services:


Description and reviews.



Sometimes you can negotiate a better price with AT&T but it is only for
a limited time and then you have to start the negotiation process all
over again. I am hoping someone knows of a better solution.

Your advice in these matters is appreciated.


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