[SATLUG] Light version of Linux

Ramon Hermida rhermida at utpa.edu
Wed Aug 14 15:58:55 CDT 2013

I have had a lot of success will LUbuntu running on a couple of older
netbooks.  LUbuntu is much lighter than XUbuntu.


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I tried to install Ubuntu ver 12 on my old laptop that has a Penium 4 - 3.2
mhz with 2 gb of ram.

It works, but very slowly.  I was thinking I could use a lighter flavor of
Linux.  I tried to go to Xubuntu and download that.  I did and I tried to
copy it to a cd and dvd. It didn't work.  It said that it's an ISO download,
but when I tried to copy it, it didn't give me a choice as to what type of
copy I wanted.  When turned on the laptop with the dvd in it, it looks at it
but nothing loads.  I do have the bios to load from the CD as the first

I went to the computer show to get a copy from one of you, but there was no
one from SA Linux there.  How can I get a light version of Linux?

Bernie Reyes

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