[SATLUG] How to find and change "Bad UTF-8" file names

Frank Huddleston fhuddles at gmail.com
Tue Aug 20 11:59:10 CDT 2013


   I have ripped many CDs, using crip, and it gets the song names from
some database in the cloud, GraceNote I think. Many of these were
Spanish-language names, and had special characters, like á, ñ, etc.
For whatever reason, many of these now show up as having file names
with "Bad UTF-8" (apparently there is good and bad UTF-8). In an ls
listing the offending character just looks like a question mark,
although I think that's just how it's displayed. I see the message
about 'Bad UTF-8' in the rox file browser. I can change the name, but
that's a laborious process.
  So: can anyone tell me how I could script this process, and find bad
file names like this and change them?


Frank Huddleston

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