[SATLUG] Light version of Linux

Ramon Hermida rhermida at utpa.edu
Wed Aug 21 16:38:50 CDT 2013

So is there a "I installed Gentoo Linux and got it to work"
award/shirt/sticker for those of us who have done this?  I ask because you
are a developer ^_^ *TEE HEE HEE*


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I highly suggest not using it if you're not really familiar, OR you're
unwilling to do some reading.  We have quite a bit of documentation, but if
you're not scared of IRC, there are also a lot of channels dedicated to
Gentoo where you can get help if you run into issues.  I'm also more than
willing to answer any questions (as long as I actually know the answer)

Disclaimer: I've been a Gentoo developer since November 2005.  It can be a
great distro, but it's definitely not for everyone.
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