[SATLUG] stumped

Craig sargonemail at gmail.com
Thu Dec 5 18:35:31 CST 2013

*Borries Demeler* wrote:
> Strangely, when I boot with the rescue disk ethernet works just fine.
> Must be missing something here...
> Right you are, Sir! everything has been renamed 0 --> 1, so I have wlan1 and eth1.
> Where can I configure this to come up as [0] again?
> Nevermind... I found it in the udev rules - everything is fine now
> Thanks again for the quick help!!

After booting with rescue disk, dd of=<hard drive w/ 0/1 issues>
if=/dev/null obs=<size of harddrrive in bytes>
would have zero'd out the issue. ;-)

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