[SATLUG] (no subject)

Borries Demeler demeler at biochem.uthscsa.edu
Thu Dec 5 20:27:43 CST 2013

The issue arose for the following reason:
I built a custom setup on my laptop which had all my favorite tools and
packages installed. When it was ready, I cloned it to another computer.
When I rebooted it, udev figured that the two network interfaces eth0
and wlan0 had a different mac address (the ones from the laptop), so it
renamed the current ones to eth1 and wlan1. Pretty logical, but if you
don't know where to look you'll be stumped like me :-)

This was my last issue to resolve, everything else was already working
beautifully. I have a few custom files now for each system where I
use this setup (/etc/hosts, /etc/fstab, /etc/HOSTNAME, /etc/lilo.conf,
and a few network setups), but for everything else the whole system is
remarkably portable. Now my laptops and desktop systems are all identical
and I only have to build my updates on one and can clone them easily to
all others, and always find my familiar interface :-)

So here are some of my favorite toys:

base: Slackware64-current
32-bit compatibility layer
add ons:
viking/gpsbabel/openstreetmap with US maps for my eTRAX GPS
wine/Microcal Origin/Quicken
google earth
digikam, kipi plugins, openCV + dependencies
kino + dependencies
ffmpeg + dependencies
qt/qwt/qwtplot3d development
kvm for virtual machines (windows development)
google chrome
UltraScan development

What does everyone else add to their systems?


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