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Thu Dec 19 12:37:36 CST 2013

Had an issue with the electricity here a couple of days ago - no idea why,
on a clear, sunny day, the electricity would 'blink' a couple of times.
Nothing else in the house was effected, except for (tada!) *my* computer.
Specifically, an aging harddrive.

Apparently, something 'snapped' and one of the drives in the stable started
the 'click of death'.  Surprisingly, it stopped.  But, I have a grub issue,
now.  The machine wont boot.

After identifying which drive had the 'click', I also discovered that the
machine wouldn't boot on the CD-rom drive.  That's odd...  go to
investigate, and that drive?  The one that used to be my boot drive on
another server?  Had no jumper on the harddrive.  (It's an old 30gig IDE WD
thing).  Hmmm... ok.  Checked the jumper on the CD-rom, it, too was in the
wrong place.  Got -that- issue resolved and can boot on the CD-rom now, and
am running a live-eval of Knoppix (just to have something to get around the
file systems with.)

ok.  A little info on the machine, first.  It's a 3GHz machine with (4)
SATA and (2) IDE ports.

There are 5 hard-drives.  2 of them are SATA and 3 are IDE and, of course,
the CD-rom.
The drives are sda thru sdf.
sda = SATA SAMSUNG HD1035j (two partitions) one being boot, but no boot flag
sdb = SATA ST380013 (3 partitions; 1-swap, 2-ext4 w/boot flag 3-ext4)
sdc = IDE WD800jB-00ET (an ntfs/windows partition)
sdd = IDE Hitachi HDP72505 (3 partitions; 1-swap, 2-ext4 (boot-no flag),
sde = IDE WD300BB-00AU (3 partitions; 1-boot w/boot flag, 2-swap, 3-reiserfs

Did some googling, and found some helpful (kinda) info on grub.
opened a terminal and ran grub, got 'grub>'
did (as per instructions) 'grub> find /boot/grub/menu.lst' and it found
*ONE* instance (I've seen more) on (hd4,0)

Recalling what I remember about drives, geometry, Linux and the relavancy
to all, I remember that (hd0) is drive 1., or better stated, the first
So... (and here's where I need substantiation)
sda = (hd0)
sda1 = (hd0,1
sda2 = (hd0,2)
sdb = (hd1)
sdb1 =(hd1,0)
sdb2 = (hd1,1)
and so on.... right?

The ONE instance of /boot/grub/menu.lst found was on (hd4,0), which (as I
see it) sde1.  sde1 does, indeed, have a boot flag, is a reiserfs and is
the 30gig WD that -was- (in 2007) the boot drive for the server.

Looking through the filesystems on the drives, I found that the latest date
was on (hd3,3) [or, sdd2) of 29 August 2012.  But, under /boot exists
/boot/grub and /boot/grub2.  and no boot flag.

I've gotten to this point and I -think- I'm at my limit-point where I'm
asking for help in how to restore grub on /dev/sdd2 without losing all the
information on that drive.

I -hope- I've given enough information.

Any thoughts on a grub rescue?


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