[SATLUG] Longtime lerker. Looking forward to the Feb 13th meet.

Nathan Templeton pb280c at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 5 00:37:17 CST 2013


    I thought I would take a chance to intro myself. I joined up on the 
mailing list when I found out my family would move from California to 
Texas on a PCS move. I am excited to find an active LUG comminuty again. 
While we were stationed in Alaska ( Anchorage ). I found a very active 
LUG,That gave the chance to really learn most of the things I had not 
had the time too. While showing me I had more than a few things to 
learn! I would have thought the Sacremento/San Franisco area would have 
had a larger linux following, but I had to fall back to the macs I have 
in my house for a common ground. :)

    In a bit of happen stance, we found a house off of Melody Canyon Rd, 
Just up from Rackspace! So it will be no trouble to make it to the meetings.

    A bit about me. I have followed my wife around the world and back, 
while I was trained in the military as a dental/oral surgery tech. I 
have always been at heart a tech geek. I am currently about 10 classes 
away from a dual Bachelors in IT and Network Administration. I have 
attempted the CCNA once and barely missed it. I might try again,. But I 
would really see my fit in IT/Systems Integration Mangement.  I have run 
the gamet of distro's from Slackware to Mint. Currently. I run a mixed 
home network of Mac's ( for the family, I know I got lazy, and they 
where cheap). To linux and windows (for my wife's obligations to 
military needs).

   I have dabbled a bit in LVM, I would really like some real reasons to 
mess with SSH more. My home network currently is comprised of the 
following: 1. Crunchbang linux Waldorf ( based on Debian Sid) 
workstation.  A linux BBQ (LMDE) Thinkpad T42, which I am using 
currently to compose this message, and a smattering of the above 
menitioned PC's.

   I am not a programmer. And I will never claim to be such. (i3 amazes 
me, though the config files are a bit more than I want to tackle.) The 
same reason I stick with OB and LMDE. I am comfortable with what I know. 
I understand cross platform integregration.

   I do appolgize in advance for this long winded prose. I only thought 
of doing a google search for an active channel now. At any rate, you can 
find me on the #crunchgbang channels under the nom: DrakkenWarr.

   Thanks, for reading. I am excited to meet for the meeting.


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