[SATLUG] Copying 5+GBs over wifi to another system

Alex Bartonek bartonekdragracing at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 11 22:06:21 CST 2013

Deja vu... if anyone remembers..

A long time ago on a system far far away (ok, not that far..its on the 1st floor at my house. LOL), I have a NFS share that I can copy data to but it craps out.  My NFS share ends up being inaccessible from a shell and my system in general is less responsive.  CPU usage
 under top is maybe 3.4% usage.  I put this on the back burner a while back but now realize it would be nice to have a NAS set up.

I've tried a new install of CentOS, tried OpenFiler and some other NAS setup based on FreeBSD.

Am I the ONLY one who cant copy a few GB's to a NFS share using Linux as my primary OS?  Has anyone done this at home successfully?  It works on my wife's MacBook Pro just fine, connected to the same AP as my laptop is.

/etc/fstab shows:

Linux Mint 14 64bit, brand new install.

If one were to throw out some guesses, what all is left?    I'm not providing much info, just looking for some SWAG's...  (SWAG = Scientific Wild Ass Guesses)


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