[SATLUG] Computer Show

Nathan Oxhandler nathan at gvtc.com
Tue Feb 12 07:24:58 CST 2013

At the present time all I can say is we can always use the help.  I stall have not heard from the people that run the show as to how many tables we will have.  Do to the down sizing of the show it may only be one, so have space to do installs for people could be a problem.


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I know it's a bit late for a reply Nathan on this one. Do you have 
anyone for the March 9 time slot? If not, barring any employment 
opportunities. I would be happy to be there.  I could bring my ThinkPad 
T43 currently running BBQ Sid 486. If need be, I could also install 
Fedora, Mint, and maybe Ubuntu on it for "show" purposes. I am well 
versed with those distributions. Maybe an install of CentOS, though I do 
not have a portable NAS that I could bring nor a current SSH connection 
to my home setup to really show what an OS like that could really do. 
Honestly, I do not know enough that to really show it off.


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