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I got my 10" Linux tablet yesterday ( Pengpod), running Linaro
Ubuntu and ARM v7l processor, it is a nice looking one, the bug I found
is that the compiled Kernel only supports 512 MB, so I have to recompile
it to support the full 1 GB.. 

The Wifi driver was missing, so I copied
one from the vendor site and it is working now. 

The virtual keyboard
(onboard) sometimes hangs, I guess due to memory or something else.. so
i m using a usb keyboard. 

Installed Libreoffice, VLC, XBMC, Gnash,
Geany so far. 


On 2013-01-25 15:12, Alex Bartonek wrote: 

Ubuntu is available for the Nexus 7 tablet. google that.. interesting
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> Hi Frank,
> check out linuxonandroid.org project

> I have Complete Linux Installer v2 on my Android 4.1.1 Samsung Note2,
you can have install different distros ( Ubuntu 10, 12 ) Backtrack,
Debian, ArchLinux, Fedora17 and openSuse 12.
> as far as tablet goes,
I am waiting on my Linux Tablet to arrive this week from
http://pengpod.com/products/pengpod1000 [1](they just had finished their
fund raising to start the project ).
> When I get it I will try to
install a voip client and I will let you know.
> cheers,
> On
01/21/2013 08:09 PM, Frank Huddleston wrote:
>> Is anyone running
Linux on a mobile device? Yes I know: Android is based on Linux, but I
mean: has anyone put Linux on a Kindle, for example? On an iPhone? What
are the issues associated with that? I've heard that Ubuntu is going to
make a version for cell phones, but in the meantime, what's happening
with Linux or BSD on the mobile platforms like smart phones and tablets.
Is anyone using a tablet as a phone, for example, with VoIP and a
wireless connection? Anyone using an older smartphone as a server?
Loaded Debian on a tablet? What can you tell me? Thanks, Frank
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