[SATLUG] Copying 5+GBs over wifi to another system

Frank Huddleston fhuddles at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 15:08:47 CST 2013

   I use only NFS on my home LAN, and I think I've copied Gigbytes over 
WiFi. I can't remember exactly when and how much, and while I've had 
problems with my Wifi, they don't seem to involve NFS particularly.
I'm currently running Debian Squeeze on my systems. I would not think 
that the distribution would matter much, but maybe.
   Are you saying that you see ca. 3.5% CPU in top on the NFS server? 
Which process? Is this during the transfer?
I note that on my server I've got two files for services in the startup 
directory (/etc/init.d): nfs-common and nfs-kernel-server. I don't know 
the difference: I'm just mentioning it.
   I am trying a transfer now, to test, and I see, on the server, nfsd 
shows, like, 0% cpu in top. It does show up in the display, though. So 
3% sounds like a lot.
   Have you tried these transfers using ethernet-cable connected 
clients? That would remove the wireless connection and help you to know 
if it's a wireless issue or an NFS issue.


Frank Huddleston

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