[SATLUG] SAT-Cal, HTML5, and other issues

Don Wright satlug at wricomp.org
Fri Feb 15 20:02:31 CST 2013

Aaron Cordova wrote:
>Hello, where is the information on the SAT-Cal being hosted? I looked on the satlug.org site but no luck. 

It isn't up yet. We'll announce on this list when that happens. Here's
what I have so far:

At the Wednesday meeting the SATLUG Calendar Project was launched, with
the initial short name SATCAL. (You've seen some list traffic already.)

The initial goal is a single user application running on a localhost
Apache server using an SQL back end and the user interface in HTML so it
can be accessed from a browser. Various forms of printed output will be
supported. The programming language selected is PHP, with Python as a
fallback if needed. (A simple LAMP program.) Data will be interchanged
with other calendar systems using the open iCalendar format. LDAP
compliance is a desired feature. A number of additional features are
planned for later inclusion, including multi-user and several types of
alarm notification. Development will use the SATLUG mail list for now.

Some members volunteered for various areas of interest:
PHP - Othniel Graichen
SQL - Nathan Templeton
HTTP/Apache - Todd Bucy
iCalendar - Keith Becvar
User Interface - (pending)
User Documentation - (pending)
Project Manager - (pending)
Project Secretary - (temp. Don Wright, by default)
Archive Administrator - (pending)
Instigator - Nathan Oxhandler

The ones marked pending were not officially assigned at the meeting.
Some of us will meet at the Computer Show March 9 (www.pcshows.com) for
progress notes and such. Until then, continue discussion on this list.

Thanks!  --Don

Be well - or at least have interesting symptoms!

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