[SATLUG] RAID Configuration

Christopher Lemire christopher.lemire at gmail.com
Mon Jan 21 16:08:15 CST 2013

I thought I would share my RAID configuration diagram since I already made
it for a friend needing help with mdadm RAID in Linux. I understand the
risks associated with RAID0. I have an rsync script that runs daily (really
nightly) that backups up all of /home to a 1.5tb hard drive. So if one
drive in the array was to fail, the most data I would lose is 1 days work.
I plan to have the script ran more than once a day if I can check if the
computer is idling. Then if it's idling, run the rsync backup script. With
this RAID configuration, I am able to dual boot windows on the same drives
that Linux has in RAID. I've used this same configuration for Ubuntu,
Fedora, Gentoo (no installer, configure raid from the command line,
assemble, mount at /mnt/gentoo, create mdadm.conf, fstab, etc) and now
Linux Mint which also doesn't have support for creating RAID from the
installer. However I found two possible ways to make this work, and that's
what I plan to write my next blog post on because no where on the internet,
can you find these instructions/guide.


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